Subaru STI Driving Glasses by SWANS

SWANS has introduced a new type of driving overglass. Since its launch, these specialised sunglasses have received much attention from consumers.

You can simply put it on your glasses to prevent UV rays and brightness. This overglass also helps in reducing fatigue.  For the lens of these glasses, ‘ULTRA LENS FOR DRIVING’ has been used.

With the help of our unique optical technology, we can focus on the warning colours like red and yellow, specifically when driving. These warning colours help in recognition and prediction that are necessary for safe driving.

First established in 1911, SWANS is a renowned brand name of Yamamoto Optical Co., Ltd. This brand features a part of the production of glass frames and lenses which are no doubt rare all over the world.

SWANS is going to release ‘Overglass ULTRA LENS for DRIVING’. This product will gain more popularity this time due to its unique brand.

Besides, we have released a semi-hard case for this overglass to keep them safe. This case comes with a set of Celite (glasses wipes) for which we received several customer requests. You are requested to use this case and wipes as well.

Wear your favourite SWANS sunglasses and enjoy safe driving. 

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